10.5 Months

A small tuft of blonde hair bounces 
as you shake your head ‘no no no’
Your eyes sparkle and 
transform into half moons
Lips spreading into a smile

And you’re off just like that

Little legs and puffs of breath 
working in tandem
Stand steady, wobble, butt, crawl, 
dagny, hi, wave and repeat. 

You marvel at the world
Curious and fearless

The world grows
My heart leaps 
As you stumble towards the door

How quickly (and slowly) time passes
(I try to appreciate it all)
How I wish to freeze this moment 
yet yearn to see the future you
Let this memory seer deep into my core, 
The fabric of my being

Sweet, little one, grow, slow, keep on, stay here
Let me hold you for just a little longer right here

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